Semtech Sensors Track Four Temperature Zones in IT Systems

The leading mixed and analog signal semiconductors vendor Semtech has recently released the eight-pin device SX8743 that integrates a temperature sensor and associated monitoring electronics for connecting directly with three external temperature diodes. It is available in a WEEE and RoHS complaint MSOP8 package.

This device adds on to the SX8733 that is the initial multiple input temperature sensor of Semtech, which measures 3 mm x 3 mm and has an integrated temperature sensor along with the monitoring electronics capable of tracking a maximum of two temperature diodes. Salient features of the SX8743 include external sensor with maximum precision of +/-0.5°C typ, +/-1.5°C, resistive sensor connection compensation, I2C serial or SMBus connection for MCU, and programmable hysteresis and threshold for a maximum of two alarm lines.

Semtech Lowest Power Capacitive Touch Solution

The SX8743 is an extension of its low power-based temperature detection and the tracking platform is capable of monitoring a maximum of four temperature zones in appliances, advanced printers, servers, and various complex systems. It is ideal for systems having multiple hard drives, ASICs, or other sources of heat, which require monitoring to ensure safe operation for sleep and normal modes.

The sensing diodes are driven by the SX8743 drives through a variable current and provide digital temperature information. The SX8743 is able to connect up to independent transistors or diodes for tracking the air flow temperature or various active mechanics, such as hard drives. The temperatures incorporated in the ASICs can also be connected to the SX8743.

The I2C protocol or the SMBus are used to address the SX8733 that can set or reset alarms autonomously in case the temperature of the sensor crosses the programmed limits, resulting in controlled cooling as the system shuts down.

Semtech Advanced Communications and Sensing Products Business Unit’s System Engineering Manager Michel Chevroulet, informed that the SX8743’s ability to monitor precisely several temperature spots in large motherboards is important as a lot of power is consumed by more sophisticated systems that provide more scope to utilize sleep as wells as various low power modes to ensure savings in energy.


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