Acoustic Sensor-Based TerraEchos Solution Embeds IBM Infosphere Streams

IBM and the leading surveillance system and covert intelligence vendor TerraEchos have negotiated an OEM agreement that licenses the embedding of the IBM InfoSphere Streams for the Adelos S4 solution of TerraEchos.

TerraEchos Adelos Fiber Optic Sensor Array Streams

InfoSphere Streams was chosen by TerraEchos as the engine capable of processing around 1600 MB data per second in motion, which are created continuously through a fiber optic sensor array. This processing capacity helps Adelos S4 to evaluate the data streams emanating from the sensors. It empowers Adelos to compare the patterns of sound with a library of algorithms, providing TerraEchos the industry’s most sturdy classification system. TerraEchos is also collaborating with Missoula-based GCS Research, its strategic partner, to optimize Streams for the state-of-the-art real-time geospatial analytics.

The Adelos S4 technology consists of a under water or under ground fiber-optic sensor that collects acoustic information in real time, analyzes the data, and compares the sound patterns with complex algorithms to find out the noise source. By embedding the InfoSphere Streams, it can identify, differentiate, and categorize immediately a range of objects that are detected through the fiber optic sensor array. For instance, sensors could be buried at particular locations strategically along the pipeline corridor for tracking the performance and security of an oil pipeline. The sensor array is able to capture and analyze immediately the complex patterns of sound due to any problem or security breach in the pipe line like impacts in the exterior of the pipeline or transformation in dynamics of oil flow. This alerts the pipeline operator about the problem, its potential reason, and the location on the long pipeline.

The high-performing computing technology enabled IBM InfoSphere Streams evaluates information streaming from many real-time sources rapidly for speedy and precise decision-making purposes. The Adelos S4 solution of TerraEchos caters for the increasing security requirements from the energy, government, and public safety and transportation agencies.

Newport, R.I.-based Naval Undersea Warfare Center’ Head of Technology Partnerships Enterprise Office, Dr. Theresa Baus informed that TerraEchos, a licensee of the technology of the U.S. Navy, TerraEchos has focused on commercializing the technology that was successful in military operations earlier.

TerraEchos’ CEO and President Dr. Alex Philp explained that the InfoSphere Streams provides the correct solution to its customers by meeting the analytic and data processing challenges that are faced by the Adelos sensor array, rendering sensor fusion possible.


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