LIOS Technology and Tehnomobil Join Hands to Improve Tunnel Safety in Croatia

Tehnomobil and LIOS Technology have taken the level of present-day fire safety solutions for Croatia’s road tunnel network to a new level. Currently, over 90% of the road tunnels of Croatia use LIOS Technology’s fibre optic fire detection systems.

In 28 tunnels in Croatia, Tehnomobil has installed the LIOS fibre optic line sensor cables for fast and reliable fire detection. Those tunnels can run anywhere from 500 to around 6,000 m. Among the numerous tunnel projects carried out by LIOS Technology in Croatia, the tunnels Brinje and Veliki Glozac received high scores at the latest European tunnel safety rankings.

In 2007, the European Tunnel Assessment programme (EuroTAP), after inspecting 51 key road tunnels, gave top honor to the Brinje tunnel as the best in Europe.

In general, traditional sensor technologies do not function properly or tend to generate false alarms. However, the unique Linear Heat Detection System of LIOS Technology is developed in such a way so as to decrease the operational expenses and provide reliability even under adverse tunnel situations with dust, corrosive atmospheres, dirt, dynamic temperature fluctuations and high humidity.

The safety systems of LIOS Technology are maintenance free, convenient to install and can be used for several hundreds of meters. The line sensors of LIOS Technology are based on optical waveguides that are not affected by electromagnetic disturbances.


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