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PeopleCube Announces Availability of PeopleCounterDesk Sensor Technology

PeopleCube, a workplace management solutions provider has declared the release of its desk-sensor technology.

The technology has been developed for the PeopleCounter range of solutions for effective space utilization. The PeopleCounter range of solutions provides organizations with occupancy detection, traffic and visualization dashboards for real estate analysis and utilization allowing the companies to measure and track organization-wise workspace use, effectively.

The Chief Executive Officer of PeopleCube, John T Anderson explained that companies are looking into reducing energy costs and effectively managing real estate, thus leading to use of passive occupancy detection technology. On an average, if the company invests $10,000 for each workspace, almost 40% of the space is not utilized to its full potential. PeopleCounter analyzes the real estate utilization automatically and helps in determining ways to repurpose or reduce the underused real estate when it is not used.

By combining traffic and occupancy detection devices along with reporting visualizations, companies can detect spaces and traffic patterns and determine the maximum or average occupancy of the workspace. The image and desk sensors of the PeopleCounter solution are transferable. It provides customers with the flexibility to conduct numerous space utilization and occupancy surveys without buying more equipment. The image sensors can passively count the number of people who enter or exit the location. The passive systems provide an accuracy of more than 95% since error-free data is assured as there is no user interaction with the sensors. Furthermore, the solution can communicate with the management system of the building to control the HVAC and lighting of the premises, thus reducing energy consumption.

A research director at Gartner, Rob Schafer stated that the PeopleCounter solution is ideal for organizations that lease or own real estate assets. By achieving a better understanding of occupancy, workspace utilization, traffic volumes and duration of occupancy, organizations can greatly benefit by reducing operational, energy and real estate costs.



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