ZMDI Introduces Intelligent Battery Sensor IC

ZMDI has introduced a novel intelligent battery sensor IC, the ZSSC1856, to measure the state-of-function, state-of-charge or state-of-health of a vehicle’s battery in the fuel saving start-stop systems and other solutions.


ZSSC1856, a new Intelligent Battery Sensor IC


The ZSSC1856 sensor IC is the first product in ZMDI’s Battery Power Management portfolio and has a QFN32 5x5 package with a height of 0.85 mm.

A strong POR concept is the basis for this sensor IC in order to meet the needs of harsh automotive environments. This sensor IC incorporates diagnostic operations and self-testing features. A standardized on-chip temperature sensor will reduce the necessities for external element measurement. The ZSSC1856 sensor IC will monitor the battery discharge at irregular intervals, during sleep-mode. Users can control diverse wake-up conditions such as current, temperature or voltage thresholds and measurement cycles.

Two input channels are used in the internal 18-bit Sigma or Delta-ADC, in conjunction with on-chip voltage reference. The primary channel will monitor the IBAT through the drop-in voltage at the outer shunt resistor. The secondary channel measures the temperature and VBAT. An ARM core and a 96 kB flash or EE memory along with 8 kB SRAM and ECC are provided for implementing the client specific software in order to determine the states of the battery. The specifications for LIN 1.3, 2.0 and 2.1 have been assisted by the device communication interface.

The design of this new battery sensor IC consumes less power and utilizes below 100 ìA during sleep mode. It works with 10 to 20 mA in normal mode. The battery sensor IC can operate with voltages from 4.2 to 18 V and is connected to the battery of the vehicle directly. The ZSSC1856 sensor IC has secured AEC-Q100 qualification and is specifically used for temperatures ranging from -40 to 125°C.


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