Electrochem Solutions Launches Wireless Multi-Pallet Sensing system

Electrochem Solutions, a subsidiary of Greatbatch, has introduced a multi-pallet wireless sensing system particularly for CNC machining operations. The sensing system performs monitoring of the fixture clamping pressure for effective, safe and accurate machining operations.

A pressuresensorone (PS1) for wireless multi-pallet sensing solutions

Linda J. Collette, Electrochem’s Business Development & Marketing Director, stated that during machining operations, the maintenance of a predetermined hydraulic clamping pressure is critical to get rid of the production cycle delays, expensive repairs and equipment damage. Collette added that the company’s wireless sensing solutions can monitor maximum of 127 pallets and also ensures extraordinary automation and control over the CNC machining operations.

The company’s multi-pallet sensing solution includes a base station and wireless sensors. The company’s patented pressuresensorone (PS1) fixed to the holding fixture ensures the wireless monitoring and transmission of measured pressure values to the base station. In addition to the transmission of pressure measurements, the PS1 also transmits the battery voltage and temperature values measured inside the sensor and at the pressure port to the base station. The operators are allowed to perform close monitoring of the system’s health.

The company’s basestationone multi-pallet (BS1-MP) includes a display designed with a touch panel, which performs many functions. The touch panel display will be used to adjust the threshold of the wireless sensor according to the fixture’s requirement, to switch between sleep mode and active mode based on the need and to set the data reporting frequency. The basestationone also performs monitoring of the hydraulic clamping pressure of the machines and alerts the machine’s controller by an alarm signal, when the set pressure exceeds the threshold value.

Source: https://www.electrochemsolutions.com/


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