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Flexpoint Sensor Systems Introduces Wireless Vehicle’s Seat Reporting System in New York

Flexpoint Sensor Systems has declared that the company presently operates together with a company in New York for incorporating a wireless reporting technology solution in the taxi cabs and other hiring vehicles running across the city, for enabling continuous sensing of seat occupancy in those vehicles.

Flexpoint’s bend sensor used in wireless reporting system

Flexpoint Sensor Systems’ bend sensor delivers a best solution for various applications, which needs precise measurement and monitoring of acceleration, range of motion (ROM) and deflection of the vehicles. Over 13,000 taxi cabs and 40,000 similar hiring vehicles such as commuter vans, ambulettes and black cars are running in and around the New York City.

Flexpoint Sensor Systems’ President, Clark Mower said that the company has already given the prototype of the wireless reporting system for testing. Mower stated that currently, the company also operates to include PC boards with the wireless reporting system for integrating Bluetooth technology, which can be used for seat occupancy reporting purposes. Mower said that the company is eagerly looking forward for its systems installation and functioning, and also about the revenue stream that will be received from this technology.

This Flexpoint Sensor Systems’ wireless reporting technology integrated with bend sensors will enable the public transportation to more conveniently sense the seat occupancy in the taxi cabs and other vehicles not only in New York, but also in Canada and South American countries.


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