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Innov-X and Steinert to Market XRF Sensor Unit

Steinert and Innov-X Systems will market the new high-speed sorting system that is X-ray fluorescence (XRF) based, as per a recent OEM agreement.

Innov-X Handheld XRF

This system will help in the identification and removal of copper-containing material like “meatballs” from ferrous waste pieces. The metal recyclers who face problems due to contaminants of copper in steel scraps will benefit from this technology.

The commercialization of the non-ferrous and meatball applications comes on the heels of commercialization of glass recycling that can automatically detect and remove leaded glass and glass ceramic through the XRF technology.

This system will incorporate the proven X-Stream and the unique Innov-X technology, namely, the XRF sensor that can carry out elemental analysis in millisecond time scales. This sensor has been engineered in a full system that is industrial grade, a specialty of various sorting systems from Steinert. A first of its kind, the OEM partnership will result in the only industrial grade system in the world that is capable of sorting metals based on chemical composition for identifying and extracting particular contaminants. Steinert will be the only manufacturer to manufacture and provide a system to the global market which caters to a wide range of recycling applications related to non-ferrous metal.

Based on the agreement, marketing and sales support for the metal sorter will be provided by Steinert, in addition to producing the equipment. The implementation of the XRF technology into the product portfolio of Steinert is considered as the next logical move towards recycling industry’s future. Steinert is capable of supplying a dependable solution to the industry.

Innov-X Systems’ CEO Don Sackett informed that the combination of the XRF expertise along with the extensive material handling, diversion (sorting) and metal sorting experience of Steinert has helped Innov-X Systems to market the technology within a time frame unachievable otherwise..

Steinert Group’s CEO Franz Heiringhoff revealed that this tie up provides an effective solution to new and existing market requirements for future wood and plastic recycling applications and metal scrap recycling.

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