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DALSA Image Sensor Powers Intergraph’s Aerial Photogrammetry Camera

DALSA’s customized 140 megapixel image sensor is used to power the DMC II 140, a state-of-the-art Z/I Imaging Digital Mapping Camera from a company called Intergraph.

DALSA Image Sensor in Aerial Photogrammetry Camera

This camera utilizes five custom image sensors for each system. These include a 140 megapixel (12240H x 11418V) sensor that collects 308 megapixels in a single exposure and four 42 megapixel (6096H x 6846V) sensors. A first of its kind, this camera model is the only aerial mapping camera available in the market that utilizes a monolithic lens cone of the  large format. This camera is a component of the wide range of digital aerial photogrammetry solutions from Intergraph. It is capable of delivering a large scale ground resolution that is finer than 3 cm with complete 12-bit dynamic range.

It facilitates users in directly producing a broad range of image analysis and mapping products, which include digital terrain models (DTM), vector maps, and orthophotos for almost all mapping applications related to cadastral mapping, forestry, land cover/land use mapping, agricultural, geology, exploration of gas and oil, civil engineering, cartography, urban planning, natural hazard assessment, and transportation engineering.

The 88 mm x 82 mm hermetically sealed, large-format sensors from DALSA have been optimized for photogrammetric performance. Its custom packaging along with dedicated CCD cover glass enables the maximum precision for all environmental conditions. These customized devices are highly sensitive and are able to capture shadow details. They have the vertical anti-blooming capability for containing bright highlights. They offer high dynamic range and broad angular response resulting in the best image quality possible. A very high frame rate can be attained through the rapid CCD readout technology.

Their precise geometry and large area helps Intergraph in the implementation of total electronic forward motion compensation (FMC) resulting in blur-free images even for long exposure, large-scale, imaging through fixed wing aircraft that flies at low altitudes under bad conditions of light. The DMC II 140 camera incorporates the electronic FMC that can compensate for higher velocity/height ratios as compared to the mechanical systems, resulting in the camera’s enhanced operating envelope.

Intergraph’s Vice President of photogrammetry Jack Ickes informed that the DMC II 140 cameras are able to offer industry leading performance by virtue of their innovative features, imaging quality and large DALSA image sensors.


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