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Mountz Introduces LPX Torque Sensor for Small Torque Tools

Mountz, a torque control products designer and manufacturer headquartered in San Jose, CA, has revealed the LPX torque sensor. A low torque sensor, the LPX has been developed for calibrating and testing of small torque tools such as small torque wrenches, power tools or hand screwdrivers.

LPX Low Torque Reaction Sensor

The new calibration instrument has been given a low profile design for use with automated applications in order to save time required for calibration. The torque sensors are designed to be used with torque testers. For torque ranges from 1 (ounce force inch) to 20 (pound force inch), Mountz offers six models of the LPX torque sensor, viz., LPX10z, LPX20z, LPX40z, LPX80z, LPX160z and LPX20i.

Generally, small torque tools wear out with use. To ensure that the sensor consistently maintains accuracy, small torque tools need to be inspected for defective parts from time to time. Hard torque tools are measuring tools that require regular calibration and proper maintenance. Torque testing ensures that the equipment is providing optimum performance and is capable of indicating potential tooling issues caused by broken parts or tool wear. The LPX torque sensors can provide accurate torque testing for the above mentioned applications.

The LPX toque sensor and calibration unit integrates the ARC II technology for instantaneous recognition of the device connection to the LTT-series torque tester or the PTT-series torque meter. The accessories available with the torque sensor are the TLS Minimaster, an internally adjustable torque-limiting screwdriver along with a run down adapter to ensure reliable torque reading.


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