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BinMaster Reveals MultiBob Bin Inventory Management Sensor System

A division of Garner Industries, BinMaster, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska that manufactures sensor devices essential in the measurement of powdered and bulk material used in food processing, feed & grain, pulp & paper, plastics, concrete and mining industries, has revealed the MultiBob inventory management system.

BinMaster’s new inventory management system has been designed to provide an average bin level from the measurements taken by 32 SmartBob TS-1 or SmartBob2 sensors placed atop a single tank, bin, flat storage warehouse or silo containing granulars, powders or solid materials. The SmartBob-TS1 sensor can measure slurries, powders, solids and liquids in bins up to 40 ft high while the SmartBob2 can manage multiple bins up to 180 feet high. Located strategically in the vessel, the SmartBob sensors observe critical measuring points. Using the eBob software, the sensors can be programmed to measure and monitor the materials on demand or at scheduled time intervals. The average level is then calculated by the eBob software by compiling the measurement data.

The new MultiBob system can be used to detect levels in a flat storage warehouse or storage bin where inventory estimation cannot be established through just a single measurement. Each SmartBob sensor measures the location reliably every time the bin is filled or emptied. The MultiBob can be used in large diameter bins, in bins with more than one emptying or filling points as well as in bins where materials pile up by using the SmartBob sensor data to determine cone down or cone up conditions, the low and high spots and multiple-discharge points.

Using the eBob software, the user can personalize the information for any specific bin by adding a strapping table to the bin parameters. Strapping tables are useful in instances where the material tends to compact.


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