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Siemens Launches Intelligent Fire Systems with ASAtechnology

Headquartered in Switzerland, the Siemens Building Technologies Division has revealed the latest Desigo and Cerberus PROFire Safety systems, which are smoke detectors and fire system panels designed for small- to mid-sized applications.


The intelligent fire safety systems are easy to operate and feature a range of detectors, panels and peripheral devices. They have been designed to provide system specifiers and facility owners with comprehensive fire protection with false alarm immunity.

All the system components have been engineered to offer interoperability and offer the scalability and flexibility required to adapt to changes and new conditions such as business expansion. This allows for the reconfiguration of the fire detectors if the function of any room changes, by simply altering the detection profile.

The Siemens fire systems are based on ASAtechnology (Advanced Signal Analysis) that detect fires at the earliest. The technology is immune to false events and does not trigger alarms in such scenarios.

The Desigo and Cerberus PRO Fire Safety portfolios offer engineers and system designers with networkable Siemens control panels with added flexibility. A maximum of 16 panels can be connected using P2P networking. The fire panels feature anintegrated degrade mode that issues a notification if system failure is detected. The detectors can be adapted to fire detection requirements. The detectors offer over 20 detection profiles and dual optical sensors which are application-specific. The detectors can also detect CO (carbon monoxide) gas and provide quick and reliable responses to fire, fire phenomena and CO gas. Both the Desigo and Cerberus PRO series provide real-time insight of detailed system operation with a complete system view. Their remote support functions decrease the frequency of site visits and improve service by planning the on-site inspections more effectively.



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