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SunReports Deploys Solar Monitoring Systems in Northern California

SunReports, in partnership with SunWater Solar, has successfully deployed its smart solar thermal systems in northern California. SunReports specializes in providing monitoring systems for commercial and residential solar installations, while SunWater Solar specifically deals in solar thermal technology.

The Apollo1 system is a solar monitoring device that offers a web-based option to analyze the performance of the solar equipment. The Apollo1 enables users to monitor solar photovoltaic devices as well as solar thermal systems. The monitoring device eliminates the use of field configuration and provides data about the performance of the solar devices. These data can be accessed via internet portals.

SunWater Solar was one the first organizations to test the Apollo1 monitoring device. The company played a major role in enhancing the SunReport’s Installer Portal and had installed the Apollo1 systems on several Schuco commercial solar thermal devices in northern California. These solar devices utilize sun’s energy to heat fluids and water. This saves power consumption and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, thus providing long-term cost benefits for the users.

SunReports, Chief Executing Officer, Thomas Dinkel, informed that the Apollo1 is an affordable and user-friendly device that enables the solar equipment to relay key performance factors. System owners and installers can see the performance of their devices by using the company’s Installer Portal interface that provides graphics and energy-saving data.

The Apollo1 is the first device that enables users to estimate the actual production of their thermal devices rather than the projected output performance. This feature ensures that the thermal systems are operated and working to their maximum working capacity. The Internet Portals also enable owners and systems installers to access the performance of their systems from any corner of the globe. Smart mobile products like the iPhone can also be used to view the system’s performance. In case of any performance-related issues, the Apollo1 is programmed to alert the owners and installers.

SunWater Solar’s President, Justin Weil, informed that the Apollo1 enables the company to view the data and may aid in improving the performance of their devices. This prospect will help them to provide quality solar devices to their customers.

The Apollo1 is supported by three temperature sensors that enable the device to precisely estimate the quantity of energy created from the solar thermal array. One sensor determines the warmth of the fluid stored in a solar tank, while the other two sensors provide direct temperature measurements of the fluid passing between the heat exchanger and the array. A current transducer in the Apollo1 indicates the activation of the solar circulating pump.  The Apollo1 relays all these data via an internet portal.

Organizations using the solar monitoring systems are eligible for government rebates.

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