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Siemens Introduces Strain-Gauge Load Cell Based Flowmeters

The Industry Automation Division of Siemens has extended its dry solids flowmeter product series by introducing strain-gauge load cell based flowmeters, Sitrans WF250, Sitrans WF200 and Sitrans WF100.

Siemens-Division Industry Automation expands its dry solids flowmeter product line with the new Sitrans WF100, Sitrans WF200, and Sitrans WF250 strain-gauge load cell based flowmeters.

These novel flowmeters can be used to measure high capacity applications and compact installations. The company has rebranded the Milltronics flowmeters based on linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) as Sitrans WF300 product line.

Flowrates of 1 to 200 t/h can be handled by Sitrans WF100 and about 200 to 900 t/h flowrates can be handled by Sitrans WF200. Sitrans WF250 can be used in air slides or gravity conveyors activated by air, generally present in cement industries. The Sitrans WF250 has been designed to contain an air chamber, which extracts air from the substance. Therefore the air influence on the sensing plate is eliminated and precise measurements can be derived. The Sitrans WF200 and Sitrans WF100 flowmeters use the company’s patented triple beam parallelogram style load cells, which are reliable and long-lasting.

The Milltronics A-40/A-300 flowmeters, Milltronics E-300/v-300 and Milltronics E-40/V-40 of the company have been rebranded as Sitrans WF350 unique flowmeter, Sitrans WF340 compact flowmeter and Sitrans WF330 standard-duty flowmeter, respectively. The Sitrans WF350 can be used for aerated materials and Sitrans WF340 can be used for restricted spaces. The Sitrans WF300 product line has acquired FM and CSA approvals and has a flow rate of around 300 t/h.

Sensing heads based on 320 LVDT and Sitrans WFS300 are used in Sitrans WF300 product line. The sensing component is placed exterior to avoid exposure to harsh environments. The vertical force of the material is eliminated by pivots without friction. Mechanical damping during pulsating flows is provided by viscous fluid damper.

The solid substances in food processing, mineral, plastics and cement sectors can be monitored by Sitrans WF solids flowmeters.


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