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Fastrax’s Smallest GPS Receiver for Navigation and Asset Tracking

Fastrax, a pioneering vendor of high performance tracking systems, Software GPS systems and GPS receivers for location aware gadgets has recently launched the Fastrax IT520, the Fastrax IT500 Series GPS modules’ smallest GPS receiver. Its 10.4 x 14.0 x 2.3 mm form factor enables its easy use in a range of applications like navigation and asset tracking systems and battery powered consumer products.

This product has the same features and very high performance as the highly appreciated and broadly used Fastrax IT500, but in a smaller form factor. It occupies about half the space of its earlier module, enabling it to be enclosed in tiny casings. The module has an optional in-built USB 2.0 interface and is well suited for Mini PCI card and GPS mouse applications.

Fastrax IT500 with 10Hz update rate

Faxtrax has also launched the UP501 module that has an antenna integrated in it. The enhanced and updated Fastrax UP500 version is pin and footprint compatible with its earlier version. It is based on the Mediatek MT3329 GPS chipset like the Fastrax IT500 and Fastrax IT520.

There are 22 tracking channels and 66 acquisition channels in all these modules. All of them feature -165dBm navigation sensitivity and very high cold start sensitivity of -148dBm. Such optimized performance facilitates navigation even under the most demanding environments and applications and guarantees a solid fix even under harsh GPS visibility scenarios.

The Fastrax UP501 is mechanically and electrically compatible with the Fastrax UP500, rendering easy upgrades for the designers. It saves lots of development time, documentation expenses, support costs and testing and at the same time reduces time to market to the bare minimum. It has an optional RS232 connectivity and in-house battery back up.

The mass production of Fastrax IT520 and Fastrax UP501 is likely to commence during July 2010 while their engineering samples are available in May 2010 end.

Fastrax’s President and CEO Taneli Tuurnala informed that the size is an important parameter for GPS modules. He revealed that the miniature IT520 module was created based on customer feed back. He added that location enabled applications and features are being incorporated in many innovative gadgets, with users accustomed to the increasing advantages. He emphasized that in the future GPS modules will be embedded inside an increasing range of wristwatches, sports accessories, digital cameras, mobile phones and so on.


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