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SpeedInfo Deploys Vehicle Speed Sensors in Ohio to Improve Traffic Management

SpeedInfo, a San Jose, CA-based provider of real-time traffic flow data networks and measurement technology, has announced that the company has deployed over 1000 units of the solar-powered vehicle radar sensors along important state roads and metro-corridor interstates in Ohio.

The SpeedInfo sensors were installed following a public-private partnership entered with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). The sensors will constantly transmit traffic data to the web-based traffic management portal, The ODOT system will distribute information of traffic to a network of digital message signs deployed across Ohio and to advisory radio stations. The web-based system will also guide ODOT personnel for better traffic management and analysis.

In urban centers, the vehicle radar sensors are located one mile apart, whereas in rural areas they have been deployed two miles apart. The sensors have been installed in Kentucky, Covington, Toledo, Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Canton and Akron. The accurate and cost-effective radar sensors are mounted on existing infrastructure such as signage or light poles. The sensors continuously gather traffic speed data and transmit it to the traffic data server using AT&T Wireless data network.

The investment by the State of Ohio and ODOT will vastly improve freeway management and also empower drivers with up-to-the-minute travel times and traffic flow information for secure and safe travel. Freeway management is important to drivers in the state of Ohio since there are several important highway construction projects underway across the state.

The Vice President – Program Development at SpeedInfo, Charlie Armiger stated that the DOTs can vastly improve the traffic data quality using Intelligent Transportation System technologies.


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