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FluxData to Demonstrate Latest Multispectral Technology at 2012 SPIE Defense Security and Sensing Conference

FluxData has announced that it will showcase its range of polarization and multispectral imaging systems along with research-grad customizable and tactical multi-sensor offerings at the upcoming SPIE Defense, Security & Sensing symposium and exhibition to be held at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland from 24 to26 April, 2012.

The 2012 SPIE Defense Security and Sensing symposium is a free event that showcases the latest sensors, platforms and systems.

The sensor systems offered by FluxData are operational between the visible and short wave IR spectrum. The rugged systems are available in combinations of speed, sensitivity and sizes required for imaging requirements of the surveillance, security and defense markets.

At the SPIE conference, FluxData will demonstrate the new single CCD, single lens multispectral system with dual NIR spectral channels offering a field of view of 180 degrees and 350 fps. The FD-1665 line of cameras offered by FluxData feature 3 CCD sensors with optical filter that capture aligned images simultaneously through the single lens. The cameras include the FD-1665P polarization/polarimetric version, the FD-1665-HDR version and the FD-1665-MS multispectral version which feature focal lens of 14 to 1500 mm, maximum frame rate of 120 fps, region-of-interest support and rugged enclosure. The applications of the FD-1665 cameras include color reproduction, medical 3-CCD imaging, industrial vision, pharmaceuticals, machine vision, traffic light cameras, pyrometry, food processing, counterfeit detection, defense, document and archival imaging, textiles and plastics as well as iris imaging.

FluxData is a Rochester, NY-based manufacturer of polarimetric and multispectral imaging system for scientific, medical, industrial, defense and aerospace markets.


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