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Datacolor Announces Availability of Europa Color Sensor Kit

Datacolor, a color management solutions provider, has announced that the Europa color sensor kit is now available for purchase. The high-accuracy, compact sensor kit is aimed for OEM integration with laptops, monitors, televisions and other light-sensing applications where color control and measurement is vital.

Europa color sensor

The Europa sensor system developed by Datacolor features a multi-channel color sensor, filters, built-in optics, software SDK and electronics in an integration-ready package for OEMs. Capable of measuring accurate color intensity and chromaticity, the sensor’s firmware includes advanced colorimetric algorithms to match the CIE 2° observer. The benefits of the Europa sensor kit includes reduction of eye-strain caused by viewing color balanced images, unparalleled end-user experience with neutral grays, consistency across various sensor units, highly accurate sampling of light by integrated optics and higher image quality with detailed highlight and shadow regions.

The fully customizable Europa sensor kit features 16-bit digital output with SMBus at 100 kHz and can be operated in temperatures between 10°C to 40°C. Each Europa sensor unit is individually factory calibrated to ensure high level of consistency across various displays. It emulates human vision by matching the CIE standard observer. For a highly optimized performance, it offers the tunable flexibility for various display backlight types.

The product manager of Datacolor, Michael Ritzer stated that the Europa sensor solution enables manufacturers to provide high color accuracy in the visual display offerings.

The color measurement solutions offered by Datacolor also include the Datacolor ELREPHO high-performance spectrophotometer, the Datacolor GUARDIAN remote instrument monitoring solution, the Datacolor Check II quality control software and the portable Datacolor 45G color appearance and gloss measurement spectrophotometer.


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