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Covidien Measurement Technologies Integrated into GE Healthcare Patient Monitors

GE Healthcare and Covidien have entered into a global partnership for integrating Covidien measurement technologies in GE Healthcare patient monitors.

The five-year collaboration includes Covidien’s patient monitoring technologies, such as the Nellcor respiratory function portfolio, the BIS brain monitoring system and the INVOS cerebral/somatic oximetry. GE Healthcare’s patient monitors, such as the CARESCAPE Monitor B650 and Monitor B850 include Covidien’s BIS brain monitoring system and Nellcor pulse oximetry with OxiMax technology.

The BIS brain monitoring system has the capability of measuring the effects of sedatives and anesthetics on the brain. Covidien’s INVOS cerebral/somatic oximetry is designed to monitor oxygen levels at specific locations in order to protect against neurological injury and organ morbidity. It optimizes end-organ perfusion.

Covidien’s Nellcor pulse oximetry with OxiMax Technology is designed for monitoring patients in critical conditions and at acute levels. It is a cardiac-based pulse oximetry platform. With a single sensor design, it provides respiration rate, pulse rate and SpO2.

GE Healthcare has maintained its commitment for continuing its open monitoring architecture, which allows delivery of data to the clinicians. GE’s CARESCAPE Monitor B850 can be integrated with Covidien instruments to enable access to measurements and facilitate bi-directional information flows between hospital information systems and the monitor. A separate monitor is not required. The integration of the products provides a complete picture of the physiological status of the patient. It helps detect minor but critical changes in a patient’s condition.


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