Mechanical Redesign of Capacitive Displavcement Sensor Probes With High Resolution Performance

Lion Precision has completed a mechanical redesign of their capacitive displacement sensor probes.

The redesign has improved long-term drift and resolution. With the new designs, the highest-resolution models are now able to achieve 0.05 nanometer resolution. “We’re always striving for the next decimal point in measurement precision. This time we have literally achieved that as our best resolutions have gone from tenths of nanometers to hundredths of nanometers,” says company president, Don Martin.

New Capacitive Displacement Sensor.

The displacement resolution demands of the semiconductor, disk-drive, precision bearing and micromachining industries have recently pushed capacitive sensors to their resolution limits. Continuing advances in these industries require sensor resolution improvements. New, higher resolutions now empower these and other industries to meet the ongoing market demand for increasingly smaller and more precise components.

The new probes are available in diameters of 3, 5, and 8 mm and 3/8 inch with axial and radial cable exits. Flat, rectangular packages are also available. The probes work with several models of electronic drivers that can be selected for the best mix of performance, cost, and environmental and mounting considerations.

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