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New Generation Coriolis Flowmeter from Siemens Industry Automation Division

According to Siemens Industry Automation Division, its Sitrans FC430 is the most compact flow measurement solution available in the market.

Sitrans FC430 is Siemens Industry Automation Division’s latest generation Coriolis flow measurement technology. The flowmeter, based on digital technology has a short build-in-length, which makes it ideal for any gas or liquid application in the process industry. It can improve the productivity of a variety of processes in industries such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Sitrans FC430 is suitable to measure multiple parameters and finds use in applications, which include dosing, blending, batch control, fast filling, and fluid and gas measurement. The new device demonstrates highly stable zero point, minimal pressure loss, high accuracy of 0.1%, industry-leading compactness, and high-quality data update with signal transfer as high as 100 Hz. Its advanced easy-to-handle support tools are capable of providing direct access to all audit trials, certificates, functional and operational data.

Sitrans FC430 is one of the first Coriolis flow measurement devices to provide safety integrity level 2 and 3 approval in software and hardware respectively, thus allowing optimal redundancy that fulfills the optimal standards of consistency and safety.

Sitrans FC430 enables highly automated production, which in turn provides a flexible supply chain to respond quickly to customer inquiries. Least lead times for customized solutions are ensured by assembly robots controlled by advanced three-dimensional vision laser systems.


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