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Researchers to Develop Novel Medical Sensing Device

So far, artificial noses are found to be effective in detecting diseases like tuberculosis, urinary tract infection, Helicobacter pylori, lung cancer in addition to ear, nose and throat severities. Following clinical tests, the artificial noses are now being used for continuous monitoring of various stages of disease.

Artificial Noses as Diseases Busters

As part of an EU-funded project called Bioelectronic Olfactory Neuron Device (BOND), a team of multidisciplinary researchers joined with eight European partners in order to develop a sensitive and specific device capable of detecting and differentiating various kinds of smells.

This system is based on functionalized electrodes that are bonded to olfactory receptors. These receptors will transmit tiny electric signals that will be detected and amplified, subsequently.

The researchers are faced with a challenge to develop new arrays of olfactory receptors that can help differentiate diseases by detecting various kinds of smells.

Examination of urine samples enables the detection of prostate cancer. The BOND researchers integrated artificial intelligence and sensing technologies for designing noses that can contribute to higher performance over the existing olfactory technology, thereby leading to a wide range of applications.

The effort carried out by the EU research team on electronic nose-based disease detection in urine is yet to be isolated. The University of Warwick, UK researchers also formulated an electronic nose sensing volatile organic compounds from urine that can distinguish various diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease and controls, and diabetes in patients.

Artificial noses serve to be a non-invasive, quick diagnosis tool that can enable rapid screening of disease, eventually bringing about a revolution in diagnostics.


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