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International Customer Order for KVH Tactical Navigation System

An international customer has placed a $2 million order with KVH Industries for the TACNAV II tactical navigation system. The shipment of the system is likely to start in 2Q 2011 and completed in early 2014.

KVH Tactical Navigational Solution

Don Conway, Business Development Vice President of KVH, informed that this system is a vital tool that could help to navigate and coordinate vehicles operating under crucial military environments. It is vital for the safety of soldiers and their protection and serves as a resource that can be used for battle management, navigation and GPS backup.

This navigational system, an affordable and easy to integrate solution, can be used for weapon and battle management systems. It is very useful for almost every platform and provides a flexible architecture, continual pointing and heading output, and compact design. Its architecture enables it to operate at the core of an extended multifunctional TACNAV system or a standalone navigation module.  It incorporates an optional compass sensor and a precision fiber optic gyro (FOG).  The compass sensor provides a total backup to GPS and can be integrated by the TACNAV II with many applications, including data consolidation and navigation for battle management systems (BMS).


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