Flexpoint and Monnit Develop Wireless Bend Sensor

Flexpoint Sensor Systems, a developer of thin film sensing technology, has collaborated with Monnit, a provider of wireless sensing technologies. Flexpoint is an innovator of thin film sensing technology applicable for industries such as medical, automotive, industrial controls, and consumer products.

Together, the companies have developed a high efficiency "plug and play" Wireless Flex Sensor, which ensures seamless measurement of vibration, water flow, mechanical movement, and air flow. The device enables wireless transmission of data between the local sensor network gateways of Monnit and the iMonnit online data monitoring system that records sensor information and alerts about the status of user-defined conditions through text or email.

Flexpoint President Clark Mower said that Monnit's wireless technology allows versatility to Bend Sensor following the expansion of industrial as well as commercial applications. Wireless data transmission avoids cumbersome wiring. Project developments can be accelerated using Monnit's technology, which also allows them to perform applications that were otherwise limited with traditional wiring.

The device can be deployed in door hinges to air ducts for motion and flow measurements. The units are available at Monnit.

Monnit's existing line of wireless sensors includes the newly-added Wireless Flex Sensor that has been designed to identify as well as monitor major functions such as motion, temperature, water, light, distress, humidity, movement, etc. Monnit’s key clients include Accenture, Walgreen's, 3M, HP and more.

The entire Monnit's wireless sensors feature free basic iMonnit online sensor monitoring with email alerting and SMS text.

Source: http://www.flexpoint.com/

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