Fugro Horizons Upgrades Leica’s Airborne Digital Sensors

Leica Geosystems declared that its four Leica ADS40 airborne digital sensors have been successfully upgraded by Fugro Horizons to the newer Leica ADS80 model. The upgrades were achieved by Leica at its Connecticut facility. The improved sensors have been deployed by Fugro for the spring flying season.

Leica ADS80 Airborne Digital Sensor

According to the President and MD of Fugro Horizons, Paul Harwig, the upgrade ensures acquiring data at increased speeds with high resolution.

Over the years, the ADS40 digital sensors have been deployed in all airborne imaging applications by Fugro Horizons, an international remote sensing, mapping and GIS services firm. Some of the airborne imaging applications include disaster response, water resource management, infrastructure planning, agricultural monitoring, property assessment, and engineering.

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As a large-format digital sensor, the new Leica ADS80 provides excellent efficiency, versatility, productivity, and reliability. Unlike its ADS40 predecessor, the ADS80 consists of a lighter control unit having increased data throughput rate, enabling acquisition of higher spatial resolution data at rapid airspeeds. The attainable minimum ground sample distance has been increased to 5 cm at 140 knots.

Fugro Horizons selected the ADS80 Sensor Head 81 upgrade that offers 4x more light sensitivity than its predecessor. In addition, it ensures 10%wider spectral bands such as red, green, blue, and near infrared, and improved signal-to-noise ratio. Digital imagery results with more intensity. The ADS80 also features true stereo image collection and precisely co-registered multispectral bands.

Source: http://www.leica-geosystems.us/


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