Micromem Completes Field Trials of Aerial Exploration Platform

In association with its wholly-owned subsidiary Micromem Applied Sensor Technologies (MAST), Micromem Technologies has declared the successful achievement of field trials for its aerial natural resource exploration platform.

Magnetic and electric field data are obtained at a high data rate and at very low frequency, by the six-channel fully integrated passive EM receiver such as Ey, Ez, Bx, By, Bz. The magnetic target acquisition in 1000 m of sea water had been tested in recent trials. The western US coast line was tested by overflying a designated grid pattern with recognized magnetic targets under water.

According to Geophysical consultant Dr. Mari Mes of NEMT, through a series of trials, MAST has learnt the major design and functionality that will be included within the commercial exploration platform. The MAST sensor anterior to the radio/receiver has been positioned well to enable the targeted faint, pico-Tesla level magnetic signals to be precisely detected in regular noisy environment.

The President of MAST, Steven Van Fleet commented that review, critique and redesigning procedures were conducted for the company’s developmental design and proof of concept product following the addition of features from seven industry partners. Client interaction has enabled the company to investigate business needs. The finalized product design has been designed in response to this valuable client feedback; the company has started commercializing its aerial platform. The successful incorporation of improved sensor functionality within the sensor platform resulted in achieving magnetic sensitivity of less than 0.8 pT @ 1Hz, which is the perfect score ever achieved in this type of sensing platform. By providing this score in three axis format, the company contributes to higher precision and resolution in mapping the exploratory grid patterns.

Source: http://www.micromeminc.com/

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