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Intersil Unveils Ultra-Low Lux Ambient Light Sensor

Intersil has launched ISL29033, an ultra-low lux ambient light sensor. With 0.0019 lux of low linear sensitivity, the ISL29033 can be effectively used for low light applications like light sensing at the rear side of dark glass.

In addition, it is ideal for indirect light applications and in other industrial design-challenging applications where standard light sensors do not have adequate sensitivity.

The ISL29033 is made up of a lux range select feature, through which users can program the lux range for optimal sensitivity. It ensures very low power utilization, while typical power usage is 55uA in operation and 0.01uA in shutdown. The hardware interrupt available in ISL29033 remains asserted until cleared by host via the I2C interface. Following the interrupt assertion, there is consistent function of ADC conversion.

Intersil ISL29033 features programmable interrupt function and closely synchronizes human eye spectral response with excellent UV and IR rejection. It is available in 6-Lead 2.0x2.1x 0.7 mm ODFN package and has simple linear output code directly proportional to lux. Its specifications include 55uA typical operating current, with 0.01uA typical current in shutdown; adjustable sensitivity up to 520 counts per lux; variable conversion resolution up to 16 bits, and measurement range: 0.0019 to 8,000 lux with four selectable ranges.

The ISL29033 is ideal for application in industrial and medical light sensing, and in display and keypad dimming adjustment for personal navigation devices, mobile devices, smartphones and for computing devices like notebooks, tablets. It is also effective when incorporated in consumer devices like digital cameras, LCD TVs, and digital picture frames.


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