Lennox Introduces Wi-Fi-Enabled icomfort Thermostat

Lennox Industries has launched the icomfort Wi-Fi Thermostat, a new remotely enabled thermostat through which proprietors can have excellent energy savings and customized comfort.


icomfort Wi-Fi Thermostat allows simple integration with existing air purification system and dehumidifier. Its one-touch "Away" mode ensures maximum energy-efficiency. Real-time weather will be displayed on unit. It monitors outdoor conditions to create automatic adjustments ensuring maximum indoor air quality. The incorporated wireless remote control capabilities enable system adjustments using web-enabled device or smartphone. With the help of customizable "skins", thermostat can easily merge with any wall covering, paint or pattern design. It carries out interaction with heating and cooling system for alerting the customer and installation- service provider for repair or maintenance requirements.

The one-touch "Away" mode is the unique feature on the icomfort Wi-Fi. The icomfort Wi-Fi touchscreen thermostat promotes cost-and energy-efficiency features via a smartphone or tablet simply at the touch on the thermostat. icomfort Wi-Fi is therefore a well-suited solution for proprietors who need maximum level of convenience, energy efficiency, and home comfort customization.

Besides promoting energy-efficiency, the new icomfort Wi-Fi enables communication with the HVAC system for allowing system adjustments and providing alerts.

The icomfort Wi-Fi is the first thermostat with highly flexible customization capabilities. It allows proprietors to upload a photo to make thermostat appear as a family portrait that can add aesthetic features to the house as a favorite piece of artwork.

The icomfort Wi-Fi can be easily integrated within a whole-home air purification system and dehumidifier for enabling maximum indoor air quality. In addition, the thermostat monitors indoor set points and outdoor conditions to automatically opt between dehumidification and humidification and heating and cooling based on the specifications for optimum level of comfort.

Source: http://www.lennox.com/

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