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GlySure Receives Patent for Automated Calibration System, Acquires Rights of Core Chemistry

GlySure, based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England, has received a U.S. patent number 8,141,409 for an automated calibration technology to allow precise, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM).

In addition, the company has purchased the rights of the proprietary reversible fluorescent chemistry, which is the core of its CGM systems. These two milestones significantly reinforce GlySure’s intellectual property portfolio.

The continuous intravascular glucose monitoring system from GlySure includes an optical fluorescence sensor and an integrated calibration module. The automated calibration technology in the CGM systems offers a three-point calibration during usage and maintains sensor sterility. The sensor is delivered to the clinician along with GlySure's technology. The clinician can insert the sensor into the calibration chamber of the monitor and when the cycle is completed, he simply removes the sensor from the chamber and inserts it into the patient. Thus, the technology enables touch-free introduction and maintains device sterility.

GlySure’s CGM systems meet the need for Tight Glycemic Control (TGC) in the hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Majority of ill patients have increased glucose levels, which elevate the risk for renal failure, sepsis, mortality and blood transfusions. Several studies have revealed that TGC in the ICU helps improve outcomes, decrease mortality and minimize the cost of care by allowing patients to leave the ICU quickly with lesser complications.


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