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New Software that Uses Pulse Sensor Delivers Good News for Fitness Freaks

The new Health Reviser hardware/software system incorporates a pulse sensor, connected to a PC via a USB port, which collects data pertaining to heart rate variability in real time.

The Health Reviser Package

The data is then translated into graphics format for easy interpretation by users and displayed on the PC monitor. The system is designed for use by an average customer and does not need any technical background for usage, as it displays data in an intuitive and comprehensive format.

The system has been proven valid scientifically and delivers the results of over 15 years of combined research by health scientists from key universities directly to the PC of the user. The system will empower health-cautious personnel, patients suffering from hypertension, and athletes to monitor their stress levels and evaluate and enhance physical fitness.

Alexander Robinson, the CEO of Health Reviser, has said that Health Reviser was designed to enable users gain optimal health targets, manage and track stress levels, and monitor fitness levels in the comfort of their homes. Robinson clarified that this technology enables users to assess their fitness and health using a PC in a few minutes.

The system incorporates five user-friendly modules. These are Health Snapshots, Biological Age, Fitness Test, Stress Sweeper, and Stress Monitor program modules.

Some of the users of this technology have already experienced and reported life-saving incidents. A physician diagnosed a tumor at an early stage and treated it successfully. Another user reported that the system alerted him when his stress level had reached the highest risk zone, 48 hours after he had cardiac arrest, enabling his treatment in time.

The system was jointly developed by Health Reviser and Biocom Technologies. Biocom Technologies a well-known leader in the professional biomedical hardware and software market segment. Presently more than 50 educational institutions in Europe and the U.S.A. are utilizing Biocom products.

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