DigitalPersona Fingerprint Biometrics Integrated in ScriptRx System

The global endpoint protection and authentication solutions vendor DigitalPersona’s U.are.U fingerprint biometrics have been integrated in the ScriptRx System.

ScriptRx U.are.U Fingerprint Readers from DigitalPersona

The U.are.U fingerprint authentication system is user friendly and offers convenience and security features.

The integration implies that doctors do not have to remember multiple passwords used in various applications, resulting in more accurate and faster patient care. The integration also offers a higher control level to implement policies that permit only authorized personnel to access patient records for complying to the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

According to DigitalPersona’s Vice President of Marketing Jim Fulton, every second is vital in urgent care and fast response times are crucial. He revealed that fingerprint biometrics simplify the user identification process and retrieves the patient record and provides more time to doctors to focus on the health of patients.

ScriptRx is a leading vendor dealing with discharge systems and touch-screen based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for urgent care centers and emergency rooms. For such busy clinical facilities, the biometric kiosk systems have been designed for offering a user-friendly, intuitive interface to physicians to simplify common tasks. The resulting solution facilitates archived meditation reconciliation record, accurate issue of instructions for discharge, charting of medical records securely and authenticated prescription writing.

The ScriptRx System empowers IT administrators with the flexibility to distribute the application through a range of hardware platforms or utilize the hosted choice of ScriptRx. This system is designed to meet the required touch-screen applications, namely speed, clarity and simplicity. The system’s Internet-enabled technology offers multiple permissions and modes to users, along with operational and quality reporting and data sharing configurability, to cover all types of clinical situations. Doctors will be able to access similar information at multiple locations irrespective of the system location.

ScriptRx’s CEO and President Dr. Tim Coffield informed that the biometric authentication based kiosk systems offer secure and quick access to vital medical information. He explained that such requirements often crop up during walk-in type of ambulatory settings like urgent care facilities and emergency rooms, which demand timely and accurate response to deal with chaotic medical scenarios. He stressed that the ScriptRx system will help doctors in updating EMRs, efficiently discharge patients and prescribe patients securely and speedily.


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