Cypress CapSense Controllers Interface with Automotive Touch Sensor Inputs

The market-leading and LIN capable CY8C2x345 CapSense touch sensing controllers and the TrueTouch touchscreen from Cypress Semiconductor have achieved automotive qualification.

Cypress CY AEC Q100 HMI Devices

The CY8C2x345 controllers, which are compliant with AEC-Q100 standard, combine LIN communication support at automotive industry standards with analog resources, rendering these devices as suitable controllers for interfacing with capacitive touch sensor and analog inputs, as well as controlling haptic actuators and backlight LEDs during communication over the LN bus. Both devices are based the PSoC programmable system-on-chip architecture, which is the primary architecture developed by Cypress.

Asynchronous fast SRAMs, serial and parallel, non-volatile SRAMs, timing solutions, synchronous SRAMs, USB hosts, asynchronous micropower SRAMs, peripherals and hub are also included in the automotive product range of Cypress, besides PSoC programmable system-on-chip devices.

According to Cypress, China-based Grace Semiconductor has also received for developing CY8C2x345 controllers of automotive grade. These controllers comply with the Zero Defect manufacturing system of Cypress, the AEC-Q100 standard and the quality management standard ISO/TS 16949.

CapSense devices are able to facilitate the use of highly functional and attractive interfaces with enhanced durability as opposed to using mechanical sliders and buttons. Their water resistance, reliability and noise-immunity features result in better performance under harsh automotive operating scenarios. The controllers’ proximity sensing feature allows detection up to a maximum of 25 cm and activates the interface only when required, thereby conserving power. These devices are very useful for interior automotive applications such as lighting control, navigation, audio, AC control, as well exterior applications such as passive key less entry and trunk release buttons.

TrueTouch controllers are available as multi-touch all point, single-touch and multi- touch gesture offerings and can simultaneously track multiple fingers. They have the capability to control screen sizes up to a maximum of nine inches. They can be utilized in infotainment, control panel and GPS displays.

Cypress’ Executive Vice President for Quality, Sabbas Daniel informed that Grace Semiconductor has been an ideal Cypress partner for its Flex Fab strategy and has an established track record of providing automotive grade wafers to the electronic industry.

The other main feature of CapSense devices is quicker scanning for multiple IOs, made possible by its dual-channel scanning capability.

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