Microsemi Unveils RF Transistor for SSR Applications

Microsemi has introduced its 1011GN-700ELM, marking the first among the series of radio frequency (RF) transistors for secondary surveillance radio (SSR), high-power air traffic control (ATC) applications.

SSR facilitates relaying information to an aircraft having a radar transponder followed by collection of information that allows detection, tracking and measurement of the airplane’s location by air traffic controllers.

The new 700 W peak 1011GN-700ELM from Microsemi is capable of working at 1030 MHz, supporting short- and long-pulsed extended length message (ELM). The new transistor uses gallium nitride (GaN) on silicon carbide (SiC) technologies and has been found to be efficient for high-power electronics applications.

Microsemi's impending portfolio features multiple high-pulsed power GaN on SiC transistors for L, S as well as C-band radar systems. Furthermore, Microsemi provides a range of GaN microwave power devices comprising of S-band radar models like 2735GN-35M, 2729GN-150, 2729GN-270, 3135GN-170M, 2731GN-110M, 3135GN-100M, 2731GN-200M, and 2735GN-100M.

New products in development include L-band avionics products covering 960-1215 MHz, higher power devices covering 2.7-2.9 GHz, L-band radar covering 1200-1400MHz, and S-band radar.

The 1011GN-700ELM transistor shows superior performance of 70% drain efficiency at 1030 Mhz and 700 W of peak power with 21 dB of power gain with reduction in overall heat dissipation and drain current.

GaN on SiC high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) ensures system benefits like high operating voltage at 65 V for minimal DC current demand and reduced power supply size; Single-ended design with simplified impedance matching supporting replacement of low power devices that need supplementary levels of combining. It includes compact amplifier, single stage pair that ensures 1.3 kW with margin, four-way integrated for full system 4 kW, in addition to maximum peak power and power gain for reduced final stage combining and system power stages, and extremely rugged performance for better system yields.

The 1011GN-700ELM is available in a single-ended package design incorporated with 100% high-temperature gold (Au) metallization and wires. Enclosed in a hermetically solder-sealed package, this design ensures extended military reliability.

Source: http://www.microsemi.com/


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