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Mobile Apps for Remote Control of Temperature

Mobile apps enable proprietors to remotely monitor and regulate their thermostat settings for promoting cost-efficiency across towns.

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Based on the free Venstar mobile app, house owners can optimize their energy consumption at one or more residences by monitoring the room temperatures and by checking the heating and cooling set points. In addition, it also enables programming low as well as high temperature alerts for every thermostat and getting an email alert on fluctuations in thermostat temperatures.

Venstar suggests the following tips for efficient use of a programmable thermostat:

  • Right selection of temperatures for programming.
  • Programming each day of the week in accordance to the schedule such as higher temperatures for unoccupied days.
  • Steady temperature will allow decrease in energy use and costs.
  • Programming four periods per day such as morning, daytime, evening and night.
  • Setting higher temperatures while residents are away and lower temperatures at night.
  • Installation of thermostat far from heating or cooling appliances and farther from direct sunlight for avoiding error recurrence.
  • Homes with zoned heating and cooling areas need to have its unused areas totally closed and the temperature can be adjusted considering the overall conservation of energy costs.
  • Battery-operated thermostats or battery back-up systems need to have its batteries changes regularly.
  • Mobile app allows the homeowners to remotely monitor and control their thermostats from their respective mobile devices.


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