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Eriez Inspection Systems with Image Software Detect Statistical Variations

E-Z Tec X-ray Inspection Systems from Eriez utilize enhanced linear array technology for delivering good product and packaging integrity reliability for pharmaceutical applications.

Eriez X-Ray Inspection System

The technology enables advanced sophistication, speed and sensitivity features for packaged as well as loose product flow inspection. The systems track characteristics such as damaged product, fill level, mass, count, and also undesired plastics, bone, glass, stone or metals.

The company is considered as a global authority for inspection, vibratory and magnetic applications. Its metal detection, materials feeding magnetic lift and separation equipment are used in several applications in the textile, process, recycling and mining industries. These products are produced and marketed by the company at its 10 facilities in 6 continents.

Users will now be able virtually conduct material testing in real time through a website that is protected by password with the help of an online X-ray testing from Eriez. Users will be able to view their products that pass through the inspection system for finding out its performance for missing components, detection of foreign objects, fill level or mass.

A high-performance computer image examination system and a range of generators having low energy that are computer controlled help inspect the product, rendering the system better at identifying minor statistical product variations that indicate variation from the laid-down specifications or signal contamination. The system is able to automatically analyze, detect and reject immediately using enhanced image processing software.

Eriez’s Product Manager of Inspection Systems Ray Spurgeon informed that most companies render themselves susceptible when it relates to identifying detection of foreign objects since they confine the foreign objects inspection in the tablet press rooms that utilize metal detectors. He reveals that the advanced X-ray Inspection Systems of Eriez provide a better option compared to pharmaceutical processors.


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