Electronica 2012: Honeywell to Launch Industrial Sensors and Switches

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) Sensing and Control (S&C) today announced that it will be launching a wide range of industrial sensors and switches at Electronica 2012. This includes Honeywell HumidIcon™ sensors which combine both temperature and humidity sensing into one package, its new line of basic pressure sensors with a variety of sensitivity, reliability and packaging variations, and new high-sensitivity Hall-effect bi-polar latch sensors used to provide the industry’s highest levels of accuracy for brushless DC motors.

Honeywell HumidIcon™ Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensors, HIH-6130/6131 Series
Honeywell’s HumidIcon™ Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensors offer industry- leading accuracy, stability, and energy efficiency in a lowest total cost solution that combines digital output relative humidity and temperature sensing. This new product is designed for potential use in respiratory therapy, medical incubators, medical microenvironment applications and HVAC-refrigeration. Honeywell HumidIcon™ Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensors have an industry-leading Total Error Band that provides the sensor’s true accuracy of ±5 %RH over a compensated temperature range of 5 °C to 50 °C [41 °F to 122 °F] and 10 %RH to 90 %RH. Total Error Band, which includes all sources of error that a sensor might see, effectively eliminates individual sensor testing and calibration, supports system accuracy and warranty requirements, helps to optimize system uptime, and provides excellent sensor interchangeability.

Honeywell NBP Series Basic Board Mount Pressure Sensors
Honeywell’s newest offering in its board mount pressure sensor product portfolio, the new Basic Board Mount pressure sensors are a cost-effective, basic performance, mV output, unamplified, uncompensated, high quality, and high resolution solution for customers seeking high-volume, economical board mount pressure sensors. Honeywell’s NBP Series is ideal for customers who want to do their own compensation, calibration, and amplification to make use of the maximum resolution of the bare sensor output, leveraging a custom algorithm required for their application. The NBP Series can be used in a wide range of applications, including pressure monitoring for wound therapy machines, hospital beds, oxygen concentrators, and blood pressure monitors. Potential industrial applications include HVAC transmitters, air movement control, environmental control, level indicators, leak detection, industrial control, and other commercial applications.

Honeywell 3360NT/SS360ST/SS460S High-sensitivity Bipolar Latching Digital Hall-effect Sensor ICs
Honeywell’s family of new High Sensitivity Latching Digital Hall-effect Sensor ICs are designed for brushless DC motor manufacturers that need latching integrated circuits (ICs) with reliable, consistent performance for efficient and small designs. These new sensors respond to low magnetic fields and offer consistent repeatability while providing the fastest response to a change in magnetic field for enhanced motor efficiency. Reliable switching points with high magnetic sensitivity of 30 G typical (55 G maximum) without using chopper stabilization on the Hall element, result in a clean output signal and the fastest latch response time in its class. The SS360NT/SS360ST/SS460S offer a wide operating voltage range of 3 to 24 Vdc, allowing for use in a wide range of potential applications including brushless dc motor commutation, flow-rate sensing for appliances, speed and RPM sensing, tachometer/counter pickup, motor and fan control, and robotics control. Potential transportation applications include speed and RPM sensing, tachometer/counter pickup, motor and fan control, electronic window lifts, and convertible roof position. Potential medical applications include medical equipment that utilizes electric motors.

Honeywell executives and product managers will be available to demonstrate and discuss these product lines as well as other sensors and switches for medical, aerospace, industrial, heavy transportation and test and measurement applications. This includes Honeywell Limitless™ industrial wireless network switches, receivers and the new pushbutton wireless operator interface.

S&C will increase its sales, marketing and engineering resources throughout Europe to support an aggressive schedule of new product releases and focus on key industrial, medical, transportation and military/aerospace segments. According to Tony Sugalski, president S&C, “Our growing EMEA team will be working with equipment manufacturers, as well as with established and new distributor and channel partners. As we continue to invest in industry-leading new products and platforms, one of our first initiatives will be to help support these new technologies with increased application engineering, marketing and sales efforts.”

Honeywell Sensing and Control is a leading global supplier of custom-engineered, sensors, switches, machine safeguarding and other devices that offer enhanced precision, repeatability and durability to a variety of original equipment manufacturing applications across the medical, industrial, transportation, aerospace, and test and measurement segments.

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