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Agilent iFunnel Technology for Sensitive Sampling of Atmospheric Pressure Ion

The iFunnel technology incorporated in Agilent’s recently announced ‘6490 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS System’ has revolutionized the atmospheric ion sampling process by providing the capability to bring very high gains in sensitivity for most applications.

Agilent 6490 Triple Quadrupole LCMS with iFunnel technology

This technology, in turn, is based on the Jet Stream technology gradient developed by Agilent, which is focused on ensuring a large availability of gas phase ions in an accessible manner. A mass spectrometer draws in these ions using the Hexabore Capillary sampling array. Six capillaries in parallel accept almost twelve times greater amount of ion-rich atmospheric gas as compared to the earlier systems. The Dual Ion Funnel assembly is used to focus and separate the ions from the gas. Most of the gas is removed by the first high-pressure funnel and the ions are focused on to the next low pressure funnel that eliminates the remainder of the gas, enabling the ions to emerge into the Q1 optics.

The 6490 system provides ten times more sensitivity and 25% reduced footprint as compared to earlier models. Besides iFunnel technology, this instrument incorporates a new tapered, curved collision cell, and reduces noise for enhancing overall sensitivity and provides a compact design.

This novel 6490 system can bring in many new application possibilities and can sense molecules at the level of a zeptomole (10-21 mole), which can could be achieved only by expensive accelerator mass spectrometry solutions in the past. Such a high sensitivity level is ideal for environmental applications demanding parts-per-trillion sensitivity. Similar high-sensitivity applications in the pharmaceutical domain include analysis of dried blood spot, detection of inhaled drugs, and administering micro-dosing.

Regular access to high sensitivity will develop new opportunities for peptide/protein quantification, clinical and food safety areas. The access also improves the streamlining of techniques in sample preparation as well as enhances general assay robustness. The iFunnel technology also facilitates a linear dynamic range extending to a magnitude of six orders for many compounds.

When used in conjunction with the Infinity UHPLC system, the 6590 system functions as the combined 1290/6490 system having the MassHunter software. This combination increases the quantitative analytical LC/MS performance level available for applications.
The 6490 is Agilent’s fourth triple quadrupole product and is part of the series that already has the 6460, 6430 and 6410 Triple Quad solutions. This portfolio is capable of catering to any budget or application requirement.

General Manager John Fjeldsted of Agilent’s LC/MS business informed that the company was able to enhance the already mature Triple quads technology by introducing successive products during the last four years  He added that the iFunnel technology has established a totally new model for atmospheric ion sampling.


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