EDN Adds ams’ Lightning Sensor and Single-Chip ANC ICs to Hot 100 Products List

ams, has announced that two of its products have been selected as EDN’s “Hot 100 Products for 2012“. The award-winning AS3935 Franklin Sensor IC and the innovative AS3421/3422 ANC (active noise cancellation) ICs have been selected for the “Sensors” and “Microcontrollers and Processors” categories, respectively.

The AS3935 Franklin Lightning Sensor IC includes a highly sensitive RF receiver that can detect the specific electrical signature of a lightning storm up to 40 km away. Coupled with a proprietary algorithm, the IC can sense whether the storm is getting closer or moving away and can also differentiate from false triggers, such as those from fluorescent lights, cell phones or microwave ovens.

The AS3421 & AS3422 single-chip ANC solutions feature an integrated speaker driver optimized for Bluetooth-enabled headset SoCs. They process external noise sensed by an embedded microphone and generate a noise-cancelling signal, while amplifying the audio signal with low levels of distortion.

According to EDN, “Of the many thousands of products announced during the past year, EDN’s Hot 100 products are those that especially caught the attention of our editors and our readers. They range from ICs and components, to software, test instruments, development tools and sensors, and more.”

Bruce Ulrich, Marketing Director for the Power & Wireless BU stated, “We are very honored to be on EDN’s Hot 100 Product list, since it recognizes the high degree of innovation that our unique lightning sensor and ANC solutions represent.”

Source: http://www.ams.com

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