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BiOptix to Showcase 404pi Surface Plasmon Resonance Instrument at IBC Annual Conference

BiOptix announced today that it will be showcasing the new BiOptix 404pi at IBC's 23rd Annual Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics Conference in San Diego. The conference, which runs December 2 – 6, 2012, is one of the preeminent technology symposia in the world for the international antibody development and research community.

"The new BiOptix 404pi, the first commercially available SPR instrument to incorporate phase-based common path interferometry technology, is a highly sensitive, high throughput capable and cost-effective SPR instrument that is ideal for screening antibodies, measuring antibody affinities/fragments as well as epitope mapping and binning," noted Ken Wilczek, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for BiOptix. "The BiOptix 404pi significantly changes the game in terms of antibody characterization in a label-free environment, allowing researchers to generate high-quality kinetics at a reasonable price."

BiOptix technology allows for the simultaneous monitoring of multiple analytes in a single sample. This new class of SPR instrumentation from BiOptix has been designed to measure protein/protein and protein-small molecule interactions (down to 100 Da) in a high-throughput 96/384 well platform utilizing 4 parallel channels rather than a single flow cell.

Surface Plasmon Resonance is an advanced and highly sensitive optical technology that can measure refractive index changes on a sensor chip's gold surface due to a change in mass that occurs during a binding event. This change can be used to monitor biological interactions such as the concentration of target molecules, kinetic rates and affinity constants. BiOptix has developed and patented a novel ultra-sensitive detection platform known as Enhanced Surface Plasmon resonance, or ESPR. Unlike traditional SPR, ESPR instrumentation from BiOptix enables the high sensitivity of SPR with the high stability and lower noise of common path interferometry.


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