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DuoSense Chipset with Enhanced Processing Power and Memory from N-trig

The state-of-the-art DuoSense Chipset from N-trig provides increased processing power, higher memory, reduced power consumption and supports more than four finger inputs along with simultaneous pen interaction.

This improved chipset will offer OEMs an enhanced feature set to help them to cater for increasing market growth since the demand for multi-touch and pen solutions is continuously increasing for providing users increased precision, better touch screen sensitivity and better response time. The chipset’s production shipments are likely to commence during Q3 2010.

The Society of Information Display (SID) 2010 Display Week attendees will be provided with hands-on experience of the chipset and witness an exhibition of the latest DuoSense based products and enhancements in the technology at N-trig’s booth.

N-trig’s president and R&D&E Head Ilan Geller informed that N-trig is investing in the technology development continually for the achievement of the highest performance and quality level in multi touch and pen computing. He added that N-trig focuses on offering enhanced technological differentiators and optimal solutions to OEMs so that they can develop and make innovative multi-touch and pen-based products.


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