Wind Turbine Obstacle Collision Avoidance System Senses and Warns Approaching Aircrafts

The Talbot Wind Energy Project based in Chatham, Ontario, and belonging to Renewable Energy Systems Canada (RES Canada) Construction LP will be provided with OCAS’s Obstacle Collision Avoidance System (OCAS) for wind turbines.

Forty three Siemens turbines are installed in the Talbot wind farm, which has a capacity of 98.9 MW. The farm is owned partially by RES Canada, which is also the developer and contractor for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of the farm.

OCAS tower avoidance system

RES Canada’s Vice President Andrew Fowler said that the use of OCAS technology by RES Canada highlights its commitment to ensuring neutral environmental footprint in the projects delivered by the company.

OCAS’ General Manager Melissa McCarthy informed that OCAS is thrilled to work with a global renewable energy firm that experiences one of the fastest growth rates. According to McCarthy, the sensitivity shown by RES to its local environment and its technical expertise make the company an ideal partner for OCAS.

The patented radar system installed on the tower of the turbine senses approaching aircrafts and activates the strobe lights of the turbine, which function as visual warning signals to the aircraft as stipulated by Transport Canada. These lights are switched on only when an aircraft moves towards the wind turbines. A secondary audio warning is transmitted to the VHF radio of the pilot in case the aircraft fails to change its course in response to the strobe light warning. The OCAS is also able to free the skies from light pollution by ensuring that lights remain off until an aircraft is sensed and at the same time, reduces public annoyance and the wind project’s environmental impact while enhancing the aviation community’s safety.

This OCAS system is an Audio Visual Warning System (AVWS) or Aircraft Detection System (ADS) that is tested and approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and Transport Canada for use in the U.S. and Canada.


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