Tyco IDS with Acoustic Pulse Recognition Touch Screen

Tyco Electronics’ business unit Elo TouchSystems has recently launched a new interactive digital signage (IDS)-based touch systems range that is likely to trigger considerable prospect for the development and application of digital display systems.

This new IDS range that combines large-format, commercial-grade LCD panels and precision acoustic pulse recognizing type of touch screen provides software developers, value-added resellers and system integrators a high-performing system interactively enabling large-scale digital displays under high-traffic scenarios.

Tyco IDS touch system

The IDS range has featured three zero-bezel type digital signage rated displays as against panels catering for home environments, having a size of 32–46 in. The range has incorporated enhanced panel technologies like LCD digital information display (DID) from Samsung Electronics for providing an aluminum frame encased scratch-resistant system that has the ability to endure a constant level of interactivity under public access, high traffic locations. The APR technology of Elo TouchSystems identifies touch on almost the entire surface of the screen. The technology provides full-screen navigation irrespective of the manner the screen is touched, by pen, stylus, finger, or prosthetics, along with a very efficient display canvas virtually for any commercial application.

The IDS incorporates optional high-performing computer modules that are useful for interactive media measurement and delivery. Such optional modules operate an Intel Core 2 Duo or Celeron Dual Core processor. These modules can slide into a specialized bay at the rear of the touch display. The system can interoperate with web-enabled consoles and content management servers to facilitate seamless connection to applications and the Internet. These applications include electronic point of sale and multimedia sharing. The computer modules are also able to support optimal portioning of network stored and locally cached content, enabling developers to track and deploy content through Web or device to device connections.

These interactive digital systems will be showcased by Elo TouchSystems along with various innovations related to touch technology on May 23–28, 2010, in the Seattle-based Washington State Convention Center during the Society for Information Display (SID) 2010 Display Week.

Samsung LCD Business’ Vice President Scott Birnbaum informed that consumers and businesses are now getting more used to their mobile gadgets’ touch interfaces. This implies that touch integration will result in new category of out-of-home, large scale digital signage that will be used for retail environments. He added that the sturdy interactive solution of Elo TouchSystems in combination with the high-contrast and bright DID technology of Samsung is likely to emerge as the digital signal industry’s game changer.

Source: http://www.tycoelectronics.com

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