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IDT PureTouch Capacitive Touch Controller for JVC’s Audio System

The UX-GN6 micro audio system of leading video and audio producer JVC will incorporate PureTouch capacitive touch controller of Integrated Device Technology (IDT) who is a leading vendor mixed signal semiconductor systems that enhances the digital media experience.

The UX-GN6 incorporates novel laser touch control panels based on the PureTouch version of capacitive technology of IDT. These controls help users to change tracks or adjust volume by merely sliding a finger over the touch panel’s appropriate parts. Whenever a touch occurs, instant and automatic feedback is enabled by the JVS System’s integrated IDT LED drivers.

IDT touch sensors

The IDT PureTouch range of capacitive touch controller gadgets provides an integrated touch controller. This controller integrates the functionality of multiple discrete parts in an optimized application for a particular solution. The IDT touch technology aims to reduce board space and enhance power consumption, and also offers enhanced sensory feedback.

JVC home entertainment division’s Akio Watanabe opined that JVC focuses on offering innovative products to the market and ensure consumer satisfaction. He explained that the PureTouch capacitive solutions of IDT have been incorporated into state-of-the-art audio system of JVC resulting in enhanced user experience and increased functionality. He added that JVC continues to develop stylish and elegant designs that attract customers.

IDT Advanced User Interface group’s General Manager Alvin Wong informed that IDT will continue to provide novel touch systems that will enable manufacturers to differentiate their offerings for meeting market demands through enhanced style, performance and functions.


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