BT9’s Xsense Grading for End-to-End Cold Supply Chain Management

BT9 today introduced Xsense® Grading, a standardized measurement tool designed to improve the management of the entire cold supply chain. BT9’s Xsense is a premier end-to-end cold chain management system that ensures all stakeholders in the cold supply chain have full transparency and control over their perishables, anywhere in the world, at any given time.

The addition of the Xsense Grading tool specifically scores variations in both temperature and nutritional degradation, which is a function of respiration rates, physiology, time, and the various other nutrient composition fluctuations that naturally take place from harvest to consumption.

Xsense ‘Cold Chain Grading’ levels range from a perfect score of ten (10) to the lowest score of one (1). Data can be automatically sent when the scores drop below an acceptable threshold, so various participants all along the cold chain can take action to prevent spoilage on a pallet-by-pallet basis. With this granular level of reporting, growers, shippers and retailers can be confident that they know exactly what's happening with the produce that's being shipped at every step along the way and can proactively decrease waste and improve food safety.

“Accountability of cold supply chain is critical to delivery of fresh produce and other perishables,” said Israel Ben-Tzur, CEO of BT9, Ltd. “Our Xsense Grading tool provides logistical managers with a snapshot of the viability of a product at any point within the supply chain, enabling them to make real-time decisions that can dramatically reduce waste and improve quality product delivery. With access to these new ratings, everyone involved - from “field to fork” - can understand, track and help to mitigate the risks associated with breaches of temperature and relative humidity.”

Traditional cold chain monitoring systems measure each separate leg in a product's journey from the manufacturer's plant to the retail store, but BT9 offers a holistic approach to cold chain management. BT9 proactively monitors, analyzes and disseminates relevant data and then supplements the data with expert recommendations on how to manage products based on the collected information, assuring the viability of the product's desired environmental conditions from start to finish. Additionally, within each product sector, BT9 experts look at the variations in the cold chain and give specific recommendations to the impact of temperature data in regards to health, quality and viability of products at all steps in the process.

BT9’s solution is powered by Xsense’s HiTag sensors, which are highly regarded as a leading offering within both the food and pharmaceutical industries, where temperature control is critical to the integrity of products and human safety.


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