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Dust Enhances Wireless Sensing Capability with Location Sensing

The leading standard-enabled wireless sensor networking gadgets vendor, Dust Networks, has incorporated a location sensing capability to enhance its wireless sensors networks (WSNs) ability. Dust has integrated state-of-the-art time of flight ranging functionalities with its new ground breaking time synchronized mesh networking. The ‘Time Synchronized Positioning Time-of-flight (TSPT)’ is a new model of location sensing. TSPT is able to pinpoint an asset or position accurately within one to three meters either outdoors or indoors under the worst RF environments.

The SmartMesh 1A 500 family

Technologies of traditional real time location (RTLS) usually need a fixed wired infrastructure that is prohibitively expensive to install. TSPT uses the field tested time synchronized wireless mesh based infrastructure that uses harvested energy or batteries to operate for many years, enabling easy deployment of this infrastructure without disrupting the occupants or buildings.

TSPT does not require wires with every mote capable of running on harvested energy or batteries. TSPT technology can be used in outdoor and indoor environments. It does not require the site to be surveyed since the mesh connectivity and the 802.15.4E that is a self forming type of mesh infrastructure hops, is able to adapt to the changes in the RF environment. It does not need dedicated deployment skills since wireless expertise in the field is not required and the network is able to form automatically. Location tags that are attached to assets or people are able to work for years on low-priced batteries. The network and the location tags are able to handle control and sensor data readily, and help application developers to combine an object’s location and its condition.

Dust Networks’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing informed that the seamless inclusion of location sensing capabilities in low power wireless sensor networks has transformed the economic issues relating to people tracking and asset delivery applications. He added that Dust is planning to partner leading vendors in the asset management and sensor field for facilitating new products and services.

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