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Enhanced Vision Systems with Camera-Based Sensors from GM

General Motors (GM) is developing a new system that will, in the future, make it easier for drivers to face potential hazards such as darkness, rain, and fog and help them safely travel through risky road conditions.

The Enhanced Vision System

The Enhanced Vision System incorporates navigation, night vision, and camera-based sensors that make windshields transparent and thus light up the boundaries of driving lanes. The system features technology that enhances object detection and visibility, thus warning vehicle drivers to risks such as motorcycles, children, and stray animals.

Motorists using this technology will be able to concentrate on the road rather than on the instrument panel as critical information is presented in the windshield when required. The system is presently used in cockpits worldwide and is a 21st century version of Head Up Display (HUD) technology developed in 1988 by GM.


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