Zenith Hi Temp System for Downhole Temperature Monitoring

Zenith Oilfield Technology in Scots is revealing tests conducted on a novel technology that can be utilized for monitoring well pressure and temperatures to a maximum of 500 Celsius.

Zenith’s existing Hi Temp (HT) system has been able to extend the temperature restrictions of the permanent downhole monitoring system, and has also been proven under field conditions in the Middle East, where it dependably operated at 247°C.

Zenith will launch its novel XT extreme temperature system in the near future, which utilizes the latest art ceramic insulation technology. This system’s prototype has already been tested successfully at over 500°C.

The development of downhole reservoir monitoring gauges commenced in the 1930s by the Schlumberger brothers in the 1930s, with operators using them to permanently monitor well bore pressures by the 1970s. However, there was a long time requirement for such gauges to function at higher temperatures so that they could be used for facilitating continuous monitoring of wells where production is assisted by applying heat or naturally hot reservoirs.

The existing electronic technology based gauges had a low life expectancy and could extend the temperature range to 175°C only. Zenith initiated the challenge to extend the temperature range during 2007 and evaluated electrical connections, pressure seals and cable to develop a total high temperature system.

The trailblazing XT system’s white paper, with detailed plans for operating at temperatures that are hotter than at Venus by 20°C, will be released at the Barcelona-based Society of Petroleum Engineers conference on June 14, 2010.

The initial 400°C prototype XT sensor from Zenith was installed in a well during July 2009 and is still functioning, with more installations planned in 2010. Zenith had developed a new, molecular bonded micromachined sensor pressure sensor for this application, which is made of Pyrex and ceramic monocrystalline silicone.

New prototypes under testing are able to function at over 600°C. Zenith currently has a full test and calibration facility in the UK. Zenith has enhanced the gauge’s cable and has also created a novel distinctive ceramic insulation, rendering it the world’s only permanent downhole cable at 500°C.

Source: http://www.zenithoilfield.com/

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