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Metallux Selects Victrex APTIV Film Flexible Foil Sensor

Metallux AG, among the leading producers of electronics devices used in thick film technologies in the world, has selected Victrex APTIV film for its novel flexible foil sensor. APTIV film is incorporated in the Metapot (MMP) sensor in the form of a spacer film. It was selected for its capability for withstanding the sensor application’s very exacting demands.

The APTIV film is constructed by using the VICTREX PEEK polymer. It provides the   best combination of wear and friction properties along with high electric insulation, heat resistance, purity, radiation, and chemical resistance. This film is also hydrolytically stable and has low permeability and moisture absorption. It is a useful for development of the MMP sensor (Metapot) of Metallux. The MMP sensor can deal with applications related to motion control, which demand high adjustment speeds, light weight, and operation under cramped assembly conditions.

Metallux_ME506 pressure sensor

It is possible to integrate the flat profile MMP into current motion control systems. the flat profile MMP is ideal for precise positioning and travel sensing and positioning applications in industries that include aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, and medical technology.

The flat profile MMP can be utilized for diverse tasks like closing and opening convertible roofs, mirror position, steering wheel, and seating in vehicles; adjusting an aircraft’s carriage and seating;  adjusting of operating table’s position, and indicating fluid levels for gadgets like dialysis machines and syringe pumps in medical settings, and control of the ships’ joysticks and actuators. Other industrial uses include packaging machines, actuating drives, material-handling vehicles, material-handling vehicles, machine tools, robot control, garage openers, hydraulic systems and valve positioning.

The APTIV film-enabled MMP is utilized as an angular linear and angular sensor for custom applications. The sensor is built up on the MetaPot foil potentiometer technology of Metallux that integrates all the benefits of this established technology using a contact free function, rendering possible a longer life span having more than 100 million cycles.

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