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Chinese Auto Sensor Industry’s Focus on Auto Exhaust Emission

Knowledgeable consultants, familiar with the local markets, have conducted primary and secondary research on the Chinese Auto Sensor Industry.  This research report for 2010-2011 is available from ‘China Research & Intelligence Co.’ on

This report is recommended for auto sensor manufacturers, Chinese auto sensor industry investors, auto manufacturers, research institutes dealing with the  Chinese auto sensor industry, export and import enterprises of auto sensors, Auto after-sales service enterprises and others dealing with the Chinese auto sensor industry could also benefit from this report.

The report will help readers to acquire information related to the Chinese auto oxygen sensor industry’s status quo, investment opportunities provided by the Chinese auto oxygen sensor industry, the industry’s competitive status, major enterprises and their functioning, the market demand, the market’s after sales service demand, and the industry’s development trend.

In 2009, sales and manufacturing volume of Chinese vehicles peaked to 13.64 and 13.79 million, a 46.15% and 48.30% year-on-year increase respectively, with both achieving the first ranking in the world.

The increasingly stringent requirements of many countries for auto exhaust emission triggered the build up and manufacture of auto oxygen sensors.

The Chinese auto sensor industry, however, does not posses a total industry chain, unlike foreign sensor industries. Ever since the 1980s, this industry has commenced introducing foreign manufacturing machinery and equipment. However, components made by using these machinery and technologies were able to meet the demand of low-end and small batch auto models.

Auto sensors can be only utilized as systems for the entire vehicle production since they are the vehicle’s second-level components. These auto sensors have to be imported in China in conjunction with the electronic engine control system. Currently the technological level of the industry is low and its market strategies are insufficient, resulting in occupation of the Chinese auto OEM manufacturing segment by transnational companies like Denso and Bosch.

However, in the market for auto after-sales service most clients will select oxygen sensors made by medium and small companies due to price and other factors. Application of universal plugs has enabled a small range of universal oxygen sensors to substitute huge number of original oxygen sensors.

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