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Alliance Sensors Launch ME Series Linear Position Sensors

Alliance Sensors Group is pleased to announce the ME Series of Linear Position Sensors for embedded use in measuring the ram position of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders in industrial, mobile, or subsea applications. The ME Series is designed to be drop-in form, fit, and function replacements for embedded magnetostrictive sensors but with much more robust construction and a lower cost of ownership. They can also replace embedded resistance potentiometers, offering high accuracy without wearout.

ME Series sensors are based on a patented contactless inductive sensing technology that uses solid probe construction and requires only a simple conductive tubular target or a small diameter deep hole gun drilled in the cylinder rod for operation rather than needing a permanent magnet ring, counterbored hole, or any other type of special target

ME Series sensors can withstand intense shocks and vibration, and operating temperatures up to 85 C for standard products and 125 C for custom units. ME sensors use a simple coil design rather than “time-of-flight” technology or resistive film. Duplicating the head end of typical embedded sensors, the head of an ME series sensor fits into the same 48 mm diameter cavity as a magnetostrictive sensor or potentiometer fitted into the end housing of a cylinder. For applications where an ME sensor is replacing an existing magnetostrictive sensor, the magnet ring can usually be left in place without signficantly affecting the performance of the ME Series sensor.

ME Linear Position Sensors are available in full ranges from 2 inches to 36 inches (50 mm to 900 mm) with either analog DC voltage or current outputs, a linearity error less than or equal to ±0.1% of Full Scale Output, and a -3 dB frequency response of 500 Hz.  Because they are contactless, ME Series sensors are not subject to wear and show no output signal deterioration over the life of the sensor. The sensor probes are offered in diameters of 7 mm (ME-7) for industrial use and 11 mm (ME-11) for heavier duty or larger cylinder use. The ME Series comes standard with lead wires, a 4-conductor cable, or a field-assembled 2-piece M-12 connector.

The IP-67 sealed housing uses no trimmer pots for setting Zero and Full Scale. Instead, ASG's proprietary SenSet™ calibration feature permits the user to match the analog output of the sensor to the motion of the actuator or cylinder on a stand-alone basis rather than the user having to scale the sensor's basic output in an associated control system.

Besides the ME series embeddable cylinder sensor, Alliance Sensor Group also offers a port mounted version called the MR Series, plus a full line of heavy duty LVDTs and electronics for measuring position in power plants, industrial manufacturing, and process control applications. For more information on these or any other ASG position sensors, please refer to the ASG web site at or contact the factory at: [email protected]


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